Financial protection against costly auto repairs

Coverage for as little as $75* a month

Currently not available in California, Florida or Louisiana.

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Maintaining your vehicle can be costly. Our committed team of automotive professionals are here to work with you to understand the benefits of service contracts and ensure against unexpected repairs.

We have proudly spent the last 20 years serving thousands of loyal and satisfied members and many more are joining us on daily basis. Our comprehensive coverage backed by the industry's largest insurers have already saved our customers millions of dollars.

We believe consumers should select coverage and prices according to their needs and personal driving habits. Thousands of customers feel the same. We hope you do too!

People have spoken!

I am beyond frustrated. The minute the manufacturer's warranty expired on my car, the mechanical issues began. Car repairs are expensive. I need piece of mind and an assurance that my next repair cost is affordable and does not disrupt my daily routine.

Mary Ann C. Mother and fulltime employee

A broken down vehicle is not an option for me. I have to get to school. The stress of exams and school work does not need further amplified by unexpected repair cost. What do I do?

Thomas E. Graduate Student

We live on a budget. We also love driving around spending time with our grand kids. The last trip to the local repair shop cost almost $800. Any reliable coverage against car problems? Can we trust anyone?

Margaret and Steven R. Retired couple


Coverage For You

We have coverage for everyone - for every driving habit, for every vehicle

Unmatched Services

US based, highly trained, caring reps are on stand-by to walk you through any situtation.

Rates Redefined

Our redefined rate structure covers you from the moment you make your initial purchase through your entire repair experience.

Direct Pricing

It is not just our services or transparency that sets up apart. Our prices are unbeatable because we sell to you directly so there is no man in the middle.

Top Carrier Approved

Your service contract is approved and backed by the industry's highest rated carriers.

We care

We care for our planet. We are green. Save our planet, and time, with our convenient paperless platform.


Your information is always encrypted and secure, and will never be sold to third parties.

Customer Care

We've assembled a dedicated management team in State-of-the-Art facilities to do just one thing: serve you better!

Technology - Our Ally!

We put the power of technology at your service to eliminate unnecessary costs. We save money, you save money!



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